Bibiana is a world renowned fine-artist and muralist.
Born in Mexico, Bibiana initiated her work as an artist in 2000, after studying Fine Arts in Florence,Italy. 

Her initial Expressionism with abstract bright colors has evolved resulting into an elevated stage that evoques to the Preciosity Movement of highly refined art.

Taking the Mexican Muralism as a guide, Bibiana has elevated the technique to what she calls  "spontaneous art flow" in which the artist creates extraordinary compositions without a previous plan or sketch. Her language based on the Naive, is a strong reflection of  Innocence and Joy, striving to enter the minds of the spectator and reintegrating this lost paradise in them.

Being in front of one of her murals is an instant dose of Positivism and an invitation to amazement and inner reflection.  

The Spirituality in her murals as well as in her unique art pieces is so prevalent, making her a true disciple of the Blue Raider Group (Der Blaue Reiter) initiated by Kandinsky, Klee and other artists in the 1900. In which the artists shared a common desire to express spiritual truths through their art. 

Domit's minimalistic gold "essence portraits" take one step ahead in the History of Art, depicting not the physical appearance of her models but the reflection of their energy. 

Today Bibiana is considered one of the top muralist rising up in the Art World scene.


 Her original murals light up public and private places from Miami to Abu Dhabi.




Bibiana has dedicated years to her active career as an artist.

                            2001       Art Exhibition. Fundación Cultural Domit. Mexico City, MX

                                                          2001       Art Exhibition. Universidad Iberoamericana. Mexico City, MX

                                                          2001       Art Exhibition. Librerías Gandhi. Mexico City, MX

                                                          2002       Art Exhibition. Galeria K.O. Mexico City, MX

                                                          2004       Collective Art Exhibition. Lomas Club. Mexico City, MX

                                                          2005       Collective Art Exhibition. Galeria O. Mexico City, MX

                                                          2007       Collective Art Exhibition. Santa Monica Art Studios. Los Angeles, USA

                                                          2009       Art Exhibition. Elemental Gallery. Miami, USA

                                                          2014       Commission to portrait a Prince in Abu Dhabi, UAE

                                                          2015       Mural at Claro Video Office. Miami, USA

                                                          2016       Mural at Private Residence. Key Biscayne, USA

                                                          2017       Mural  Artium Gallery, Wynwood. Miami, USA

                                                          2017       Mural at America Mobil Office. Mexico City

                                                          2017       Mural at The White Pantry. Miami, USA


                                                          2017       Art Exhibition. The White Pantry Gallery. Miami, USA

                                                          2018       Mural at private residence. Abu Dhabi, UAE

                                                          2018       ART MARBELLA, International Art Fair. Marbella, SPAIN


                                                          2018       LIVE MURAL, Marbella Art Fair. Marbella, SPAIN

                                                          2018       Mural at Public Space, KeyBiscayne, USA


                                                          2018       ART BEIRUT International Art Fair. Beirut, LEBANON


                                                          2018       PINTA ART MIAMI International Art Fair. Miami, USA

                                                          2019       Mural at America Mobil Offices. Miami, USA

                                                          2019       LIVE MURAL at Oculto. Madrid, SPAIN


                                                          2019       Mural at Paddle Club WYNWOOD Miami, USA


                                                          2019       LIVE MURAL, Casa Blanca, MOROCCO

                                                          2019       LIVE MURAL, Marbella, SPAIN


                                                          2019       LIVE MURAL, during Biennale di Venezia, ITALY


                                                          2019       LIVE MURAL, Playing For Change Org, Miami, USA


                                                          2020       LIVE MURAL, Vail,Colorado, USA









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